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Welcome to the Legacy Roblox Wiki project!

An effort by nerds to create a knowledge base for 2006-2012 Roblox development and playing in the modern day!

ROBLOX is an online game platform and game creation system developed by Roblox Corporation that allows users to program games and play games created by other users. In the modern day, ROBLOX is one of the biggest platforms of creativity and content creation in the world -- But that doesn't mean its past is to be forgotten!

This wiki's purpose is to bring insight into classic Roblox (2006-2012). To document info on how to play, host, and develop games in classic Roblox, as well as showcase community creations!

In fact, we already have 1,697 articles. This wiki is being built off of the original Roblox Wiki from 2012, with a small team of editors steadily working to enhance and expand it for a new era and a different context.  

Play It!Play It!
Get started with playing and hosting classic Roblox
Getting Started with NovetusGetting Started with Novetus
Setting up and hosting places on Novetus, the multi-version legacy client launcher.
Learn how to play the various versions of ROBLOX
Community CreationsCommunity Creations
Showcasing and listing cool stuff people have made
Creation HubCreation Hub
See all the creations people have made!
Current Showcases
Placeholder by Developer Name
Placeholder by Developer Name
Make New StuffMake New Stuff
Documentation for making new games, models, scripts, plugins, etc.
The most important page for aspiring creators!
Learn how to use Roblox Studio, the editing program for games
Absolute beginner's guide to scriptingAbsolute beginner's guide to scripting
Getting started with scripting games
Lua from Modern Roblox (Luau)Lua from Modern Roblox (Luau)
How does scripting in the old engine differ from the current one?
Class ReferenceClass Reference
All the objects available in the Roblox engine