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Roblox LuaRoblox Lua
Making your maps do crazy things

Lua (not "LUA") is a simple programming language that is used in Roblox to add in customized content, like cars that drive, weapons, planes, random terrain, and whole games, and much more!

This page provides tutorials to help users to learn Lua.

There are often multiple tutorials on the same subject, so if you don't understand something in one of them, try another!

If you still don't understand something, you can ask in the Roblox Client Search Discord server or the Novetus launcher Discord server. Note that you're more likely to get an answer if you ask a specific question, and that if you have a problem with a piece of code, posting the code (using multi-line formatting) really helps people to find what the problem is. Messages just asking "How do I script?" or "Make me this" are usually ignored.

Introduction series - read these first!
Script Creation WalkthroughCreating and running scripts.
FlowchartsUsing diagrams to show the "flow" of a script.
Basic MathWorking with numbers in a script.
StringsWorking with text in a script.
BooleansWorking with yes/no values in a script.
VariablesHow to hold data in a static reference.
Conditional StatementsMaking scripts do different things in different situations.
LoopsMaking a piece of code run multiple times.
FunctionsWrapping code in a useful function to be called upon later in a script.
TablesStoring multiple objects in one.
Generic forUsing a loop to iterate through a table.
Other Guides
Beginner's Guide to ScriptingIf you've never worked with scripting before, look here.
Basic ScriptingShows you some of the basics of scripting.
How to Script AnythingLearn the basic methods to put together any script.
In-Depth Scripting GuideMore ways to understand the dynamics of Lua.
Programming In LuaGuide to Lua by its creators. (partly out of date)
Introductions to Concepts
Using DHTMLExample of DHTML, a 2007 feature letting you display webpages during gameplay (before GUI was added in 2009).
What are GUIs?This very in-depth guide explains what GUIs are.
Intro to WeaponsAn intro into the scripting of Weapons in Roblox.
Data Persistence TutorialA tutorial on understanding and using data persistence in your places.
Using Vector3 ValuesShows how to use math with Vector3s.
Using LeaderboardsCreating your own leaderboards.
Random NumbersStopping the same thing from happening each time.
How To Make PluginsShows how you can make your own Roblox Studio toolbars and buttons.
Using ToolsCreating your own tools.
Using HopperBinsThe older version of tools, HopperBins.
Using String PatternsWhat string patterns are and how to use them.
ScriptingAn overview of scripting in Roblox, and a portal for in-depth articles.
FunctionsA list of all the global functions.
Class ReferenceAll the types of Roblox Instances.
Lua 5.1 Reference ManualOfficial definition of the Lua language. (some features not available in Roblox)
Example Scripts
CookbookLarge list of small example scripts
Creating a BrickBasic tutorial on creating a brick using a script.
IS:What is Debounce?Explains what a debounce is, and what it's used for.
Creating Restricted DoorsShows how to create a door that only certain people can enter.
One-way DoorsHow to create doors that go only one direction.
How to TeleportAn overview of teleportation of players.
Making an OnClicked ScriptShows how to use the Mouse to trigger weapons.
Using SoundsShows how to use events and work with Sounds.
How to Add Messages to Your PlaceShows how to use scripts to work with the Message object.
Using BodyPositionDetails how to use the BodyPosition object.
Using PlayerAddedHow to use the PlayerAdded event.
How to Create Talking CommandsA guide on how to use the Chatted event.
How to Make Multi-Handle toolsCreating tools with more than one brick for a handle.
How to make text on a brickHow to make words appear above a brick.
How to Make Conveyor BeltsParts that move other parts.
How to Make RampsUsing CFrame to rotate parts.
Terrain GenerationGenerating non-random terrain mathematically.
Random TerrainGenerating unique terrain randomly.